Ships Crew Services

We offer a unique service to the shipping industry for the collection and transportation of Ships crew.  Our partnership offers over 40 years of various Shipping / Ships Agency experience, placing us with the knowledge and know how to deal with all aspect of Crew welfare.

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Airport Transfers



We offer full airport collection and transport services. Our drivers will collect the On / Off signing crew personnel in clean, fully licensed Vehicles. We will check flights ETA’s for any delays or cancellations.




Collection and delivery to all hotels. All crew will be escorted inside to ensure booking is complete. We can liaise directly and confirm collection time with the hotel staff. Our contact details can be left with the hotel for direct contact if preferred.


Hotel Bookings


For last minute bookings or if hotels are fully booked we will arrange the necessary accommodation or alternative hotel and invoice directly.

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Lochmarine offer full agency assistance with medical visits.


We can transport your crew to their appointment and Collect / Pay for there prescriptions; we will wait and return the crew member. Alternatively, if necessary we will transport the crew on to a specialist or any other additional requirement.